Haap Consulting


Haap Consulting's core business is research and analysis. We also prepare strategies and help our clients with project management and procurement.

The services we offer are following:



We offer both qualitative and quantitative research to map a topic that is important to your company or institution. Our consultants will help you formulate a suitable research question and choose a suitable method, be it an interview, a focus group, a questionnaire or a fourth. We help to understand why the customer or target group behaves in one way or another and how to create the desired change. If you wish, we will advise you on the implementation of the change.


The strategy sets priorities, sets focus and gives the team and partners a goal to move towards. When creating a strategy, you can think about what is important and what is not, map potential risks and deal with them at an early stage.

We offer the preparation of strategies for companies, public sector institutions and non-governmental organizations. Our consultants can provide support throughout the process, from gathering input to the strategy to finalizing and handing over the document. We can also consult on specific issues, such as helping to complement an existing strategy, formulate a mission and vision or objectives, and choosing appropriate indicators.

Financial analysis

Financial analysis is an important part of any project plan. Whether we want to start a new business, bring a new service to the market or want to assess the sustainability of an idea on paper, we need a financial analysis. In this way, we can assess both the viability and the profitability of the project. In our experience, financial analysis is a stumbling block in assessing the profitability of a business idea or project. In these cases, it is good if the analysis is prepared by a professional consultant who has no involvement in the project, which also ensures its neutrality.

Public procurement

In public procurement, standard errors recur from year to year, which confuse the entire project schedule and can cause problems in project financing. The regular organization of public procurement ensures peace of mind throughout the project period and provides an opportunity to focus on the important. As a service, Haap Consulting offers a full service of organizing public procurement, where the client is accompanied from the preparation of the basic documentation of the procurement until the conclusion of the contract.

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