Haap Consulting conducted management training for the Mooncascade team

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Mooncascade is one of Estonia's leading software development companies in Estonia. Haap Consulting was pleased to organize a management training course for the Mooncascade team, which introduced various management and decision-making methods used by the Estonian Defense Forces. In addition, to getting a theoretical overview, participants were also able to use the lessons learned in practice by systematically analyzing the problems that are relevant to their company. Practical case study was the last part and the focus of the training. In general, participants were very satisfied with the content of the training.

Mooncascade staff pointed out:

“I liked that the training was specific and focused on our use cases. The goal was not to acquire new knowledge, but to leave the room with a very practical solutions and we succeeded in every way.”- Anu Einberg, CEO

"I liked that there was no empty talk, the training led to a real result. In most courses, what disturbs me the most is that in the end we are standing in the circle, holding each other hands and talk about how much smarter we are now. Although, in most cases we make actually no progress all day. That was not the case in this course, the training was useful and very practical.” Indrek Ulst, CTO

“A clear and understandable presentations and thoroughly prepared materials, interesting and relevant examples. The similarities of the Estonian Defense Forces and the business enterprise in setting goals, decision-making processes and control of activities were well connected. More than half of the training was practical and focused on solving the specific problem of the company and therefore usable in real work.”

If you feel that your company or institution is also interested in defining your goals better through management training, please contact us at info@haap.ee

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