Haap Consulting helped TAVA2018 to secure 42,000 euro for their festival

TAVA 2018 is an Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival in Tartu. The pre- and main events of the festival will last for 30 days and are held in October. The main program of the festival consists of international workshops, outdoor installations, a conference, a light fair and indoor exhibitions. In addition, smaller-scale satellite programs will be organized in collaboration with culture organizations and companies of Tartu.

TAVA is being organized in every second year and it has a great potential to be one of the biggest of its kind in the region. While organizing the event, TAVA2018 team faced the following challenges:

• Where would it be possible to get funding for the activities held in TAVA2018?

• Who could write funding applications?

• How to create a precise project budget for different funding rounds? For which activities it is possible to apply for funding? What costs are eligible for support and which ones are not?

• Who could be in charge for deadlines and for general project management?

Faced with these issues, the TAVA2018 team eventually turned to Haap Consulting. Moreover, the organizing process of an international festival requires a great deal from all the team members. Thus, similarly to many organizations, TAVA2018 team main problem was the tight timetable and the lack of specific know-how required for writing grant applications.

With the help of Haap Consulting, TAVA2018 team eventually completed five funding applications for the following institutions:

· Enterprise Estonia (EAS) grant for international events and conferences

· Nordisk Kulturfondi support for art and culture projects

· Nordic Culture Point mobility funding

· Estonian Ministry of Culture architecture and design projects

· Different embassies that are situated in Estonia

After the funding proposals were submitted, Haap Consulting was pleased to note that TAVA2018 received a total of EUR 42,000 to develop its own festival, which was essential for ensuring a high-quality program. It is also important to bring forth that Haap Consulting enabled the TAVA2018 team to fully focus on the festival and not to worry about the deadlines and content of funding applications.

Haap team is grateful to help an international light festival to succeed. If you also need help in writing funding applications to international events, please feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee.