Haap Consulting helped the Peipsiääre Municipality to organize a public procurement

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Public Procurement process

The rule for organizing public procurements is certainly to measure seven times, cut once. Incorrectly organized public procurement can interfere with the entire project schedule and affect project financing. Haap Consulting helped Peipisääre Municipality to prepare a funding application for the construction of a light traffic road in Vara-Varamõisa. After a successful application process, the municipality also wanted a project manager to help with the following activities:

• Organizing the public procurement and drafting the final contract

• Administrative management of the project, where the project manager would be responsible for reporting, managing project meetings and administering payment applications

• Resolving issues and disputes arising during the process

In summary, Peipsiääre Municipality needed a professional project management service that would ensure successful procurement process and project implementation in accordance with current regulations and donor requirements. To do this, the municipality contacted Haap Consulting.

Organizing a Public Procurement in Estonia

Haap Consulting helped the municipality of Peipsiääre to arrange the procurement together with the project (preparation of public procurement documents, answering the questions of the tenderers in the public procurement web environment, tender processing and asking for clarifications from the tenderers, etc.). As a result of the work, a contract with a successful tenderer was concluded at the end of December.

Now, Haap Consulting continues the administrative management of the project, where we are responsible for project reporting and workflow.

If you feel you need help with organizing a procurement and someone could help later with administrative project management, feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee