Haap Consulting helped to apply for support from Enterprise Estonia to construct Vara-Varamõisa ligh

Vara municipality (now Peipsiääre municipality) wanted to build a light traffic road on the Vara-Varamõisa direction, which would improve access to the public services located at the Vara center. The establishment of a light traffic road was also important to widen the opportunities for sporting activities. Vara municipality had done a thorough preparation for the project. There was a construction project, expert examination of the project and the land under the light traffic route belonged to the municipality.

Vara municipality prepared initially an application for funding and was not supported at the first time by the Enterprise Estonia (EAS). Fortunately, it was possible to submit the application for the second time and Haap Consulting was chosen to assist in preparing this application.


• Vara municipality wanted that the application would be completed by a professional project manager to whom they could count on.

• Since the decision of the funding application was negative for the first time it was needed that somebody would rewrite the funding application according to the evaluation criteria’s.

• Municipality had no human resources due to the merger of the municipalities to deal with the application itself.

Haap Consulting helped to complete the funding application and its attachments for Vara municipality and provide support and assistance in answering questions from the Enterprise Estonia throughout the application during the processing period.

We were pleased to announce that our advisory service was fruitful, and a grant of 320 432 EUR was given to the Vara municipality for the establishment of a 1.7 km long Vara-Varamõisa light traffic road. Upon completion of the funding application, Haap Consulting also assisted in drafting the project reports and submitting payment applications.

Haap Consulting is happy that it had the chance to be a part in a success of a project that is immensely important for local people. If you also need help in writing grant applications, please feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee