Haap Consulting helped to organize the public procurement of Alatskivi's waste station

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Organizing a public procurement procedure

The Environmental Investment Center (EIC) decided to finance the construction of nine waste stations with a total of 1.23 million euros from the call for applications for waste recycling. Alatskivi waste station at the municipality of Peipsiääre was amongst the waste stations that got funding.

The proper execution of the public procurement is essential in keeping the project on schedule. In order to avoid unexpected surprises, the Peipsiääre rural municipality government involved Haap Consulting in organizing the procurement.

Haap Consulting helped the municipality of Peipsiääre to do the following:

• Preparation of basic documents for public procurement

• Preparation of documents and notices sent to the Public Procurement Register

• Receiving, opening, classifying, verifying and verifying the successful bidder

• Preparation of the contract

• Participation in the contract negotiation

As a result of the work, a successful tenderer was chosen, with whom the municipality of Peipsiääre signed a construction contract for the Alatskivi waste plant. With the help of the procurement service, the project remained on schedule and the municipality was able to move quickly to the next stage of the project, which was the execution of the procurement.

If you feel you need help with organizing a public procurement, feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee