Haap helped to apply for support to further develop Kuressaare's Fortress

Kuressaare Fortress is Saaremaa's most important tourist attraction. In order to further develop the tourism industry, it was important to make the county's largest tourist destination more modern, enjoyable and accessible to different groups of visitors, especially families. In order to further develop the Kuressaare Fortress, Saaremaa Museum wanted to apply for support from the Enterprise Estonia. To apply for funding, Saaremaa Museum team faced the following challenges:

- How to ensure that the funding application meets the requirements of the Enterprise Estonia?

- How to draw up a financial analysis of the funding application?

- Which application attachments are necessary, and which are not?

- Where can I find the person who will lead the process of preparing a funding application?

These concerns are probably not unknown to anyone who has ever applied for funding. Whether the funding comes from Enterprise Estonia, ministries, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board or any international institution. Simply putting together an application for funding is a full-time project management job that needs a lot of experience. It's hard, if not impossible, to do this without any experience and with limited hours in your disposal. Faced with these problems, Saaremaa Museum asked Haap Consulting for help.

As mentioned above, the Kuressaare Fortress and the museum are Saaremaa's most important tourist attractions but today the potential of the fortress is not yet fully utilized. The access paths that arrive there are poor and are not suitable for all visitor groups. There is also a lack of interactive, family-friendly attractions and there is missing a classroom, where it would be possible to carry out different cultural programs and training throughout the year. In addition, some of the foundations and walls of the castle are decaying. The goal of this project is to solve these bottlenecks and transform the fort into a unique theme park for security architecture in Europe, which offers joy for all age groups.

For achieving this, the following actions are needed to be done:

- Reconstruct the main road leading from the sea to the main gardens

- Establish a children's playground

- Create a classroom and a summer cafe

- Mark the medieval ring road and set up an observation mine

- Install stairs and information boards

- Create a 3D model of Kuressaare Fortress

- Establish a service road around the Northeast Curonian Spit and Eastern Bastion

- Carry out the pressure wash and stirring of the cask molds

Because of the project, the number of visitors to the castle would increase by approximately 20,000 people, and the number of visitors to the stronghold would increase more than by 50,000 people.

Thus, the project has a very important impact on the development of the whole tourism sector in the region. Haap helped Saaremaa Museum to better define the objectives of the project, assist in the preparation of the application form and financial analysis of the museum, and in completing the annexes. Haap also observed that the project would meet the criterions for the evaluation of the Enterprise Estonia. During the project, Saaremaa Museum was also assisted in answering all the questions of the Enterprise Estonia and, if necessary, making corrections.

The result of the collaboration between Haap and Saaremaa Museum was that the project received 626,152 EUR from EAS, which helped the Saaremaa Museum team to start fulfilling its vision.

We wish all the best for Saaremaa Museum in implementing the project activities. If you also need help in organizing a grant application, please feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee