Haap made a marketing plan, financial analysis and a funding application for the Viljandi Industrial

Viljandi municipality received 2,676,713 EUR from Enterprise Estonia to develop a public infrastructure for the new plots developed in Viljandi Industrial Park (Mäeltküla Industrial Park). Roads, street lighting and communications for the water supply, gas and electricity will be developed on the industrial area. Haap helped Viljandi municipality to prepare a successful funding application, marketing plan and financial analysis.

Prior to the preparation of the funding application, Viljandi municipality faced the following problems:

• Do we have the competence to prepare a funding application?

• What are the requirements of Enterprise Estonia for funding applications? How to distinguish in-between important and irrelevant requirements?

• How to make a financial analysis from the stand point of the municipality and the owners of the water and gas infrastructure?

• What could be the right marketing plan for the industrial area? What marketing activities work, and which ones do not?

• Who would lead the project, set deadlines and ensure that all activities are implemented in time?

Thus, Viljandi parish turned to Haap. While putting together the funding application, marketing activities emerged as one of the most important part of the funding application, whereas without the marketing plan it would be difficult to find new owners for the plots that are to be developed. This was also important in keeping in mind the requirements of the Enterprise Estonia, whereas the jobs listed in the funding application must be created.

Based on the client’s need, Haap, in cooperation with its partners, prepared a marketing plan to promote the Viljandi Industrial Park. During the marketing period, several campaigns will be conducted in Estonia and abroad. Another crucial part of the funding application was the financial analysis. Most commonly, a financial analysis is carried out from the viewpoint of the applicant. However, this time due to the scale of the industrial area, financial analyses for the gas and water infrastructure were also needed to be composed.

Haap is very glad to be a part in implementing such an important project. If you also need help in organizing grant applications, marketing plans and financial analysis, please feel free to contact us at info@haap.ee