ICEkonsult OÜ received a start-up grant from Enterprise Estonia

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

ICEkonsult is specializing in issues affecting the indoor climate and energy consumption of the building. The vision of ICEkonsult OÜ is to be a stable and valued service provider offering high quality heating, ventilation and cooling solutions to its customers in Estonia and abroad.

They decided to apply for a start-up grant to bring their business to the next level. ICEkonsult wanted with the help of the start-up grant to create prerequisites for hiring first employees. The goal of the grant was to pay partially for the wage costs, as well as to purchase the necessary application software and primary tools (computer and monitor) for the employees.

To apply for start-up grant, the company contacted Haap Consulting. With our help, ICEkonsult set its turnover targets for the following years, composed a plan for marketing activities and prepared the company's overall strategy. Based on the meetings, ICEkonsult business plan, financial forecasts and a precise action plan were prepared. Haap Consulting advised the start-up company in integrating feedback from Harju Enterprise and Development Center and Enterprise Estonia into the business plan.

ICEkonsult OÜ has a highly motivated and professional team, and with the help of Haap Consulting, a maximum grant of EUR 15,000 was granted from Enterprise Estonia to meet its development goals.

It was a great pleasure for Haap Consulting to work with the ICEkonsult team. If you are interested in well-implemented projects for heating, ventilation and cooling, please feel free to contact ICEkonsult at

And if you also need help with applying for a start-up grant, please contact us at

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