Modern Mobility and Bercman Technologies received a total of 322 thousand euros from the Green ICT

Modern Mobility and Bercman Technologies received a total of 322 thousand euros for product development from the Green ICT funding round

Modern Mobility is an Estonian start-up company that develops smart solutions in the transport sector. Bercman Technologies develops smart city and transport solutions. The two companies work closely together and looked for opportunities to raise funding to further develop their services.

The goal of Modern Mobility and Bercman Technologies was to develop a demand-based mobility platform, which will improve the ability to access public transport and services from peri-urban and sparsely populated areas, and a smart bus stop supporting the mobility platform.

The demand-driven mobility platform and the smart bus stop are both products with a positive environmental impact. For this reason, they had the possibility to apply for funding from the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program Green ICT, the Industry and Green Technologies Round. The aim of the round is to increase business cooperation between Estonia and Norway in the field of innovation and to increase the added value of companies through projects promoting resource saving.

Haap Consulting was contacted to analyze the possibility to apply for the grant. With the help of Haap Consulting, the possibility to attract support from the Green ICT Round was analyzed and a decision was made to apply.

Haap Consulting helped applicants to:

  • Prepare the necessary analyzes for the application - financial analysis, green impact analysis, market and competition analysis.

  • Prepare a project plan that meets Green ICT requirements.

  • Assist applicants in communication with Enterprise Estonia and, based on the feedback from Enterprise Estonia, also introduce corrections to the submitted application.

  • Finalize the application documents and prepare the application for submission to Enterprise Estonia.

With the help of Haap Consulting, Modern Mobility and Bercman Technologies managed to get a positive financing decision from Enterprise Estonia and the support amount for two years was a total of 322 thousand euros. The amount of support enables companies to further develop their resource-efficient products and services. Modern Mobility is responsible for the software side of the project and Bercman Technologies for the hardware.

We were very happy to work with both companies and we are very pleased that the support will allow the companies to continue their product development for two years.

If you need help in preparing a funding application for the Green ICT or other funding rounds, feel free to contact us at or call +372 51966196.

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