Public Procurement procedure for the Kalevipoja Museum

Kalevipoeg Museum is a museum run by SA Kalevipoja Koda which aims to introduce legends and other material related to Estonian national hero Kalevipoeg. The museum is constantly evolving and in 2017 they received funding from Enterprise Estonia for the project “Development of Kalevipoeg Museum”.

As the name of the project tells, the aim of the project is to further develop the Kalevipoeg Museum. The project grant will help to renovate the museum building and create new interactive exhibitions and virtual reality environments reflecting the epic. The grant will also be used to establish study classes and to add new themes to the Kalevipoeg theme park.

Timetable of each project is tight and thus SA Kalevipoja Koda team invited Haap Consulting to help to organize the public procurement of the permanent exhibition area of the Kalevipoeg Museum.

Haap Consulting was delighted to be able to assist with the public procurement process. The tendering procedure was conducted by using the reverse procedure. Haap helped in the procurement process by:

· Organizing and leading the public procurement evaluation meetings.

· Performing the verification of suitability of tenders.

· Answering all questions related to the public procurement in the Procurement Register.

· Interacting with the National Support Center on public procurement issues.

· Carrying out an open tender procedure as set out in the Public Procurement Act.

As a result of the work, the public procurement evaluation process was successfully completed, which was also important for keeping the project on schedule. The permanent exhibition acquired through the public procurement will be created on Kalevipoeg topics and it will be unique in Estonia and in the whole world.

We encourage everyone to visit the Kalevipoeg Museum next summer and wish their team every success in completing the project.

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