Start-up grant for buying a CNC bench

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Limitless Machinery OÜ is a mechanical metalworking company established at the end of 2018. Company owners wanted to start their own business and to buy a CNC bench with the help of Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskuse start-up grant.

As a result of the project, the company wanted to achieve a situation where the company would be able to offer the cutting, drilling and threading of metal and non-metal parts according to the drawings and CAD models provided by the customers. They also wanted to make use of the start-up grant distributed by the Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus for € 15,000.

They decided to include Haap Consulting in the grant application process because the business owners simply did not have the time to create a high quality business plan and financial forecasts. It is also always a good idea to involve professional consultants in the start-up phase of your business idea, who can provide advice, for example, on financial and marketing plans.

With the help of Haap Consulting, Limitless Machinery prepared a business plan, financial forecasts and application for the start-up grant. As a result of the successful application, € 15,000 was granted in taking their company to the next level.

We wish our client Limitless Machinery a lot of success and we also encourage everyone to contact them when it comes to cutting metal and non-metal parts. We are also happy to help other start-up companies to apply for the start-up grant. For further requests just write

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