The development of the Estonian Museum Railway infrastructure was carried out with the help of Haap

The Estonian Museum Railway is a non-profit institution that records and displays the history of Estonian narrow-gauge railways in Lavassaare. Their wish was to apply for support from the Entreprise Estonia (EAS) in order to complete the repair of the steam locomotive and, as a result, to start the steam day tradition again. Starting with the project, the Estonian Museum Railway faced the following problems:

• We have a person responsible for the funding application, but he has no previous experience in the successful implementation of similar projects.

• How to ensure that the project meets the requirements of the Enterprise Estonia?

• How to prepare a financial analysis of a project?

• Who will monitor the overall workflow of the project to comply with all deadlines and ensure that the project will be uploaded to the Enterprise Estonia web environment at the right time?

Thus, the Estonian Museum Railway approached Haap Consulting and asked us to provide a project consultancy service. The project was written by a project manager from the museum, but Haap carried out an overview of different parts of the application and monitored that the project would meet the donor (Enterprise Estonia) requirements and to be of good quality. Throughout the work, Haap helped to predict the potential number of visitors resulting from the project, to prepare a marketing plan and to ensure that the financial analysis supports the results indicated in the application. The museum was also assisted in the management of the project, reminding the deadlines of the project and when different parts of the application had to be completed.

For the project, a positive financing decision was received from the Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Museum Railway got 23,749 EUR for renovating the steam locomotive and to market the steam days.

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