We helped AS A. Le Coq to raise 1.2 million euros

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

AS A. Le Coq raised 1,2 million euros

AS A. Le Coq is the largest beverage producer in Estonia. It is also the oldest continuously operating brewery in Estonia, officially founded in 1807. For 13 years in a row, AS A. Le Coq has been chosen as the most competitive company among the Estonian food industries. Success has been ensured by contributing to the quality of products within which AS. A. Le Coq has invested 102 million euros in product development over the years.

AS A. Le Coq is one of the most important employers in Southern Estonia and in 2018 the company's turnover was over 70 million euros.

In order to make the company's production processes more efficient, AS A. Le Coq wanted to apply for support from the measure of the Environmental Investment Center called "Energy and resource efficiency of undertakings". The resource efficiency measure had two application rounds: application round for small projects and application round for big projects. The aim of AS A. Le Coq was to apply for support from the small project application round after the resource audit and, if the small project application round is successful, to prepare a funding application also for the large project application round.

The company contacted Haap Consulting to prepare funding applications.

Haap Consulting helped to do the following:

• Prepare a call for proposals for small and large project application rounds.

• Prepare the finance and resource analysis.

• Prepare the company's business plan for the large project application round.

• Prepare a monitoring plan for both projects.

• Prepare the necessary project appendices.

• Assist companies in communicating with the Environmental Investment Center during the project period and make the necessary corrections to the application documents.

With the help of Haap Consulting, AS A. Le Coq managed to involve 106,785 EUR from the small project application round for its project entitled “Installation of a flue gas condensing economizer”. The company also had a successful application from the application round of major projects, where the support of AS A. Le Coq for the project “Wastewater industry wastewater system to reduce wastewater generation and biogas production” was 1,135,261 EUR.

At the time of compiling the case study, the small project application round project has been successfully completed by AS A. Le Coq and the second project is being prepared. Haap Consulting wishes AS A. Le Coq success in making its production processes more energy and resource efficient.

If you need help in preparing funding applications for rounds opened by the Environmental Investment Center or other donors, please contact us at info@haap.ee or call +372 51 966 196

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