We helped MTÜ Eesti Metsaselts to carry out the procurement of their media campaign

Eesti Metsaselts is a non-profit organization, the aim of which is to inform the public about forestry, to promote public awareness of forestry, to co-operate in the development of Estonian forestry and in the sustainable management and protection of forests.

Eesti Metsaselts received funding for its media campaign within the framework of the Environmental Investment Centre's Forestry program. The condition of the financing decision was that the Estonian Forest Society must procure the media campaign through the public procurement register. The type of procedure was an open tender procedure.

In order to carry out the public procurement, the Estonian Forest Society turned to Haap Consulting.

Haap Consulting helped to do the following:

  • Prepare basic documentation for public procurement with an open procurement procedure.

  • Advise the applicant in conducting a public procurement.

  • Prepare the neccasary contract layouts.

  • Communicate with the Environmental Investment Center on procurement requirements.

  • Perform the necessary actions in the public procurement register and answer questions related to procurement.

As a result of organizing the procurement, the Estonian Forest Society was able to enter into a contract with the winner of the procurement within the project timeframe and start implementing the project.

Haap Consulting was pleased to assist the Estonian Forest Society in conducting a public procurement through an open tender procedure. We are excited about the substantive result of the media campaign and wish the non-profit organization success in achieving its goals.

If you also need help in conducting a public procurement with an open procurement procedure, contact us at info@haap.ee or call +37251966196.

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