Public Procurements

When organizing public procurements, same mistakes are repeated from year to year. This delays the entire project schedule and causes problems in project financing. Proper process of organizing public procurement ensures that the project milestones are met and gives the project team the opportunity to concentrate on project activities.  

Haap Consulting provides the following services:

• Organizing the public procurement process and negotiating the contract.

• Administrative management of the project, where the Haap Consulting consultant is responsible for reporting, scheduling management meetings and making payment applications

• Resolving issues and disputes arising during the process

We provide public procurement services to both the public and private sector. In addition to organizing public procurement, we recommend that you would also consider administrative project management service from Haap Consulting after the contract has been concluded. This means that one of the Haap Consulting consultants is involved in the project until the end of the project period and is responsible for organizing the administrative workflow.