Researches and Strategies


A good strategy sets your team’s priorities and focus, giving them and your company or organisation a clear sense of purpose along with guidelines to make daily decisions. Writing a strategy, you can go over what’s important and what’s not, alayze potential risks and ways
to prevent them from coming to life.

We offer consulting and strategy writing to companies, public sector organisations and NGOs. Our consultants can either consult you throughout the process or help you with a specific question. We can work on an already existing document or write a strategy from scratch, depending on your needs.

Some of the services we offer (not limited to the following list):

  • Moderating focus groups or meetings to gather information for the strategy

  • Helping to word and write down your organisation’s mission statement, vision and

  • goals

  • Choosing appropriate indicators to measure success

  • Writing the strategy


We offer both qualitative and quantitative research into the topics of your interest. Our consultants will help you frame the right questions and choose the right method, whether it be an interview, focus group, questionnaire or something else. We will help you better understand your client’s of target group’s behaviour and how to change it in the desired direction.

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